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Legal entities

Corporate law

The experience gained in the leading law offices in the country along with engagement on challenging corporate projects and cases makes our office competent to provide legal assistance in a professional, reliable and efficient manner. Drafting legal opinions, daily counseling and representation of domestic and foreign business entities require a thorough approach with knowledge of regulations, case law and understanding of business. Depending on the client's needs, we are able to quickly form a team that will respond to all requirements of the specific project. Main services in the field of corporate law are:

  • contract drafting and analysis, as well as representation in negotiations
  • establishment and restructuring of companies and other business entities
  • advising on daily corporate issues
  • legal due diligence
  • compliance with current regulations
  • drafting of internal acts of business entities
  • representation in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings

Dispute Resolution

Focusing on success in disputes and understanding the needs of our clients form the core of our practice in this area. Experience in commercial disputes and high-value property disputes coupled with constant monitoring of case law and improvement gives us the ability to choose the appropriate strategy and lay the foundations for successful representation in each individual case. Dispute resolution services refer to:

  • representation in civil, enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings before the courts in the Republic of Serbia
  • representation in administrative disputes before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Serbia
  • representation in arbitration proceedings before domestic and international arbitrations

Labor law

The proliferation of regulations, by-laws, legal opinions and case law make this vital area of business challenging from the perspective of in house lawyers. We are here to make it easier for you to navigate in this area of the law and offer the ideal solution for your smooth business operation. Some of the services we offer in this area include:

  • counseling regarding labor relations issues
  • representation in labor law disputes
  • preparation of complete labor law documentation (collective agreements, work regulations, regulations on the organization and systematization of work, all other general acts, as well as labor contracts and other individual acts)
  • layoffs and restructuring
  • providing legal advice on all aspects of occupational health and safety
  • assistance in obtaining work permits for foreign nationals

Real estate

The expansion of the real estate market, frequent and significant changes in the regulations on construction, transfer and management of real estate and the consequences of the ill implemented transition to a market economy make legal assistance in this area indispensable. With an understanding of market needs and goals, our team is able to meet the high expectations of the clients in the business of construction. Main services in the field of real estate and construction are:

  • real estate due diligence
  • drawing up contracts on real estate transactions
  • representation in proceedings of legalization of real estate
  • representation in proceedings before the cadastre and other administrative bodies
  • representation before courts in real estate disputes

Tax law

The need for constant monitoring of regulations, by-laws, opinions of relevant authorities and understanding of complex treaties for the avoidance of double taxation make the field of tax law one of the most difficult to practice. Our team, in cooperation with experts who have years of experience in the world's leading consulting companies in the field of tax consulting, provides efficient and reliable legal assistance in the area of tax law. The services we provide relate to:

  • tax consulting and tax optimization
  • representation in proceedings before tax authorities
  • representation in tax administrative disputes before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Serbia