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Labor law

Changes caused by developments in the labor market, increasingly complex regulations in the field of labor relations with the abuse of a dominant position by certain employers lead to an increasing need for the provision of professional legal assistance in this area. We are here to protect all workers' rights in a professional and efficient manner. Some of the services we provide in the field of labor law refer to:

  • representation of employees in proceedings before the employer and the courts
  • realization of employees' rights regarding unpaid wages, reimbursement of expenses, illegal termination of employment, annulment of the annex to the employment contract, compensation for damages due to injuries at work
  • protection against mobbing and discrimination, representation in disciplinary proceedings
  •  counseling regarding labor relations issues

Real estate

The expansion of the real estate market, frequent and significant changes in the regulations on the construction and transfer and management of real estate and the consequences of the not so well implemented transition to a market economy make legal assistance in this area necessary. Our goal is to explain the intricacies of regulations in this area so that everyone can understand their rights and obligations, and to obtain the best solution for your problems. The main services in the field of real estate are the following:

  • real estate due diligence
  • drawing up contracts on real estate transactions 
  • representation in proceedings of legalization of real estate
  • representation in proceedings before the cadastre and other administrative bodies
  • representation before courts in real estate disputes

Contract law

A quality contract with full awareness of the rights and obligations of the contracting parties can prevent disputes and thus save funds for both parties. We are by your side from the initial stage of negotiations until the conclusion of the contract to ensure your legal certainty. The experience we have in the field of contract law guarantees the professional and conscientious preparation you need when concluding new deals. We provide the following services in this area:

  • analysis and drafting of all types of property disposal contracts
  • representation in negotiations regarding sales, leases and other contracts
  • representation before the courts in litigation, enforcement and non-litigation proceedings regarding all types of contracts, debt collection and compensation for damages

Family and inheritance law

Today it is easy to get a divorce, but despite this, there have never been doubts and complex legal problems in family relationships. The division of joint property, whether by agreement or before the court, requires a meticulous approach by legal experts. The interests of children and parents, determining the model of seeing children and determining the amount of financial obligations for child support are sensitive issues that require a multidisciplinary approach and maximum commitment. The complexity of inheritance law disputes requires a good knowledge of the matter and case law. We are here to provide you with reliable legal assistance in the field of family and inheritance law. The services we provide in the above areas refer to:

  • drawing up prenuptial agreements
  • divorce
  • division of joint property
  • exercise of parental rights and alimony
  • drawing up will, life maintenance agreements, agreements on assignment and distribution of property
  • probate proceedings and inheritance disputes

Sports Law

Short career of athletes, the possibility of sustaining injuries, along with specific regulations in this area make it necessary to provide legal support to professional athletes in order to get the financial maximum out of their careers. We are here to support you by advising and settling unpaid compensations. Some of the services we provide in the field of sports law refer to:

  • representation of athletes in disciplinary proceedings and before arbitration
  • legal support in negotiations regarding the transfer of players
  •  legal counseling of athletes
  • drawing up contracts in sports, such as contracts on hiring coaches, management contracts, etc.

Tax law

The need for constant monitoring of regulations, by-laws, opinions of relevant authorities and understanding of complex treaties for the avoidance of double taxation make the field of tax law one of the most difficult to practice. Our team, in cooperation with experts who have years of experience in the world's leading consulting companies in the field of tax consulting, provides efficient and reliable legal assistance in the area of tax law. The services we provide relate to:

  • tax consulting and tax optimization
  • representation in proceedings before tax authorities
  • representation in tax administrative disputes before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Serbia